Aerospace Industry

Aerospace industry uses beam machining for production for aviation including their MRO-operations, spacecrafts (e.g. rockets, satellites) and components as well as defense systems and devices.

In this segment, challenging materials like Titanium, Tungsten, etc. are common. 

Lightweight components with utmost strength need to work reliably in an extreme temperature range such as jet propulsion of airplanes or external housing of a satellite.

Examples of components

The material properties of the components are extremely demanding. The focus is on reliability and resilience due to the very challenging ambient conditions and highest safety requirements. This applies for passenger transport as well as long-distance extraterrestrial missions.

  • Tanks / Vessels
  • Fuel injection nozzles
  • Turbine blades
  • Guide vane rings
  • Tanks made of titanium
  • Aluminum containers
  • Turbine housings
  • Fuselage elements made of titanium
  • Armrests