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Rapid beam machining enables efficient production processes in various industry segments

The unique features of beam machining and additive manufacturing with electron beam or laser in vacuum are attractive for manufacturing of metal components. This applies for high-volume serial productions (e.g. Automotive) as well as for productions with demanding and specific material requirements: e.g. Titanium in Aerospace industry.

Metal additive manufacturing still has not evolved as real alternative in serial production versus traditional methods yet. Regarding rapid prototyping or manufacture of single components with individual one-off design, the features and benefits of metal additive manufacturing have been proven as feasible.

In all cases, we consider that beam machining will grow its share within the wide range of production methods for metals.

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Railway Technology
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EVOBEAM is your strong industry partner

Partnership with customers and suppliers is essential for us

We support your approach with our beam machining expertise. This applies for the production process as well as for the quality of the final product.

Since our beginning in 2011, we have supplied our systems and services to different industries and for production of very different components.

We focus on overall productivity, longterm usage of our systems and low mainentance requirements.

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Our approach is to use high-performance components and modules by well known German and European suppliers with Global presence. Together with our partners on the supplier side, we enable our customers and their operators to utilize beam technology utmost.