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Sciaky EBAM Wire-feed

Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing System for large workpieces up to 5790 x 1220 x 1220 [mm] (L x W x H)

Additive Manufacturing Sciaky EBAM

Sciaky EBAM Features

  • Internal EB-Generator with Servo Generator Tilt Axis
  • Optional dual wire-feed for custom alloy and higher build rates
  • Closed-loop molten pool control system for most stable and homogeneous layer built
  • EB-power up to 42 kW @ 60kV
  • Work chamber: polished mild steel (stainless optional) with different sizes and geometries 


  • Rapid prototyping and ramp-up to serial production
  • Reduces material costs, lead times, and machining times significantly vs. conventional manufacturing of parts

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