Laser in Vacuum System Options

EVOBEAM’s systems are available with a multitude of tooling or fixture options in order to enable efficient and repeatable handling of workpieces throughout the beam machining process.

Tooling Options Laser in Vacuum Systems

Y- / or X-Y-axis table

A unidirectional table movement combined with movable external gun allows for exceptionally compact chambers and rapid pump down. X-Y-tables are available, but require for the same work envelope much larger chambers and longer pump down.

Y-or X-Y-axis table / Evobeam

Run-out platform for table

External rails matching the in-chamber rails facilitate moving the table, with tooling and workpiece attached, in and out of the vacuum chamber. This can be extended to pallet exchange system.

Run-out platform for table / Evobeam

Rotary indexing table with multi-spindle

Multi-spindle tooling optimizes the utilization of a universal chamber machine which always requires a hard vacuum. Partial vacuum welding is often more productive with a single piece flow.

Rotary indexing table

A rotary indexing table can increase productivity as it parallelizes the un-/ loading to welding. With a load lock even the evacuation can be parallelized.

Rotary Indexing Table / Evobeam

Rotary tilt table

The rotary tilt table allows for welding of complex parts in one evacuation cycle. Combined with X-Y-Z-linear movement 5-axis simultaneous welding is possible.

Rotational A-Axis with tailstock (optional)

A multitude of tooling or fixture combinations enable efficient and repeatable handling of workpieces throughout the beam machining process.

Rotational Axis with Tailstock

Special fixtures upon request

Special fixtures and tooling can be designed and supplied to meet your specific requirements.

Laser in Vacuum Systems Functional Options

A wide range of functional options can enhance the capabilities and flexibility during beam set-up and operation.

Laser in Vacuum (LaVa)

Functional Options
 Data Logging System
 Data Record Management System
 Marking of workpiece
 CNC-Repair Welding Routine
 Variable Focus
 Exchangeable F-Theta Lens
 Pulsed Beam