Additive Manufacturing Process Options

Evobeam’s Additive Manufacturing systems are available with process options, in order to enhance your possibilities

Inert Gas Recirculation

For powder bed fusion processes and supporting reduction of consumables.

Process Observation

Supports the control of the material consistency of each layer.

Documentation of optical and process parameter information per layer.

Layer Thickness Detection

Measurement of thicknes per layer. Utmost transparency of process in additive manufacturing.


Direct heating of build platform and additional heating of layer surface by heaters from the top in order to facilitate the build process.

Powder Recollection

Re-collection of unused powder for re-use after reconditioning in vacuum containers. True cost reduction and positive impact on environmental footprint.

Ultra high accuracy build platform

Determine layer thickness with accuracy of up to +/- 2 µm (in traveling direction) per layer.

Options – Functional Features

Evobeam’s systems are available with a wide range of functional options, which enhance the capabilities and flexibility during operation. Please contact us for more information.